After my last post I did a little hardware shopping. I bought a motherboard well-supported by coreboot with socketed DIP8 BIOS flash that’s both easy to replace and supports large SPI flash chips, namely an Asus M2V-MX-SE. Also, I bought an AMD Opteron CPU and some RAM, and used some old components for the rest of the system.

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger, the main flashrom developer provided me with some large (4MBytes) SST25VF032B flash chips whch provide enough space so that AVATT could fit inside. Some coleagues from my university’s electronics faculty soldered one of the chips on a PCB, something like this: my flash chips

I hacked a few days on getting coreboot run properly on this new motherboard of mine, but unfortunately a couple of days ago I mistakenly burned my main BIOS image with some garbage. I tried to recover it using the latest proprietary BIOS image, which obviously failed after the next reboot, and rendered the board unbootable until Rudolf Marek - another coreboot developer who owns the same motherboard as me - provides me with a working flash, hopefully soon…

Until then, I’ll be working on a new project of mine which aims to build a  GUI utility that helps porting coreboot to new motherboards.

I’ll post updates as soon as my new flash arrives or my new project advances notably.

Stay tuned,